Root Canal Information


Sources of Dental Information

  • Looking for an Endodontist?
    The American Association of Endodontists website has a listing of all licensed Endodontists by state. You can find more information about root canals or search for an Endodontist here:

  • New to your area and want to find a good general dentist?
    Try searching from the website of The American Dental Association here: 
  • State Dental Boards
    Dentists, including Endodontists in America are required to be licensed by the state in which they practice. There are State Dental Boards that govern the laws of their state relating to dental issues. This includes complaints filed by patients. If you think your dentist has treated you in a substandard manner, you can file a complaint against them. With the passage of the Freedom of Information Act, those complaints that result in a disciplinary action are now public record. You can file a complaint or (on some sites) see if a Disciplinary Action has been levied against your dentist by clicking the link to your state from this site: